Rated: M 15+

Eleven bodies are found, partially or mostly drained of blood in the LA area and the police knew that they had a prolific serial killer on their hands. No clues, no suspects, no witnesses. A killer that the LA papers had dubbed The Vampire Serial Killer because of the twin bites marks left on the victims pale bodies. Elizabeth Wayne had heard about the murders on TV, read it in the newspapers, but never thought she'd see one close up. But one night on the way back from nightclubbing, she saw something horrific- the killer's face too. Now she's getting strange calls, chilling letters and stalked by a gorgeous guy. Is Elizabeth to be the next victim of the Vampire Serial killer? Or does the killer have something more elaborate and dark in mind for her?

Categories: Action, Crime, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller
Genres: Bloody-Play, Death, Fear, Kinky, Long, Multipart, Nocturne, Scary, Serial Killer, UST, Vampires
Warnings: Contains Adult Themes, Not suitable for under 17
Series: None
Chapters: 1
Completed: No
Word count: 3853
Published: 11 Jun 2012 / Updated: 11 Jun 2012