Rated: M 15+

Aurelia Aurelianus is the daughter of Cornelius Publius Aurelianus, a wealthy landowner and a Senator of Rome.  She was chosen to be a Vestal Virgin at the age of 7. Just months before she is to be initiated from novice to Vestal Virgin, she is kidnapped by the Spartans based on a dream that a Spartan ephor had; she is brought to Sparta to serve Apollo, a Greek god with whom she has a very special relationship.

Within the first week of her arrival, another ephor is murdered in her temple and soon afterwards, a woman is found dead. While Aurelia and Avreus (her bodyguard) solve the mystery of who killed them, Aurelia’s slave escapes to Rome to inform her parents of where she is. A delegation is sent to Sparta to demand Aurelia's return.

While Aurelia is excited to return to Rome, several people (for their own reasons) want her gone and accuse her of losing her virginity, a crime for a Vestal Virgin that is punishable by death.  As Aurelia is put on trial, she fears the worst.  Will she be acquitted?  Will she be found guilty and sentenced to death?

Categories: Crime, Drama, Historical, Mystery
Genres: Multipart
Warnings: Contains Adult Themes, Contains Physical Abuse, Contains Religious Themes, Not Suitable For Under 15
Series: None
Chapters: 1
Completed: No
Word count: 6639
Published: 27 Nov 2012 / Updated: 27 Nov 2012