By Ninvampirate2011
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A silhouette paused in front of a mirror-like barrier. Despite the blatant darkness around it, the mirror clearly displayed its reflection.  A doll. It was a life-sized rag doll. No face, no fingers or toes, no distinguishing features of any kind… The doll didn't understand. It could see what was in front of it. It could feel the mirror when it touched it. Ripples emanated from the strange reflection. Between each ripple there were images of a small town. It was dark. Snowing. There was a man in the middle of the storm with a rock in his hand. He threw it at a store window and shattered it.  The doll was curious. Who was this person? Why was he breaking into that building?

Oh no, Nathan, that's not for you. said a voice from above. The doll whirled around and tried to see through the darkness. A hand larger than its body swiftly approached it. It had nails with dark polish and long thin fingers. The hand grabbed the doll and lifted it before it had a chance to escape. 

Only Mother can go through here right now. the voice explained. The person pressed her finger through the mirror to prolong the scene from earlier. She made the doll watch as the ripples from her interference subsided. The man was already leaving the store with armfuls of merchandise. An alarm was ringing so he ran away. The mirror followed him as he returned to his home.

Do you see that? Disgusting humans… Mother growled. You're not like that, are you Nathan?

She turned Nathan around. The doll still couldn't see anything besides the mirror but shook its head anyway.

Good. Now watch.

Mother pushed her free hand further into the mirror. The hand wrapped around the thief, who was standing at the driveway of his house and catching his breath. Instead of the man himself being yanked back to the world Mother and Nathan resided in, a doll of his likeness came through the liquefied glass. Fwoom! A blue fire shot out of the floor and appeared before Nathan. He watched as the thief's doll became engulfed in flames. Once it disappeared, the person it came from suddenly froze while still doubled over. One by one the items he stole fell out of his stiff arms. 

Nathan, the doll you saw was that poor man's soul. He was lost, confused, corrupted…But you can change that, my dear. You can become him. All you have to do…

The peculiar mirror's sides melted until it was shaped like a silver ingress with a curved knob.

…is walk through this door.

Nathan was placed back on its feet. It looked at the entrance and then back at the dark abyss behind it. Mother urged the doll to proceed, so it did. Once it went through the opening it felt an agonizing cold around it.

He looked at his hands again. There were digits covered by wool gloves. He wiggled them a bit. He then felt his face. There was a mouth, a nose, and two eyes with noticeably poor vision. The snow became too much for Nathan to bear so he rushed to the house in front of him. It was locked. The cold seemed to have gotten worse when there seemed to be no way to get into shelter. Nathan stuffed his hands in his pockets and felt something brush against him. He instinctively pulled it out and revealed a key. …It was worth a shot. Luckily it was the house key so Nathan quickly went inside.  There was a fireplace across from a long dark-colored couch. There was a loveseat beside them and underneath it all was a carpet as pure as the snow falling outside. Nathan walked further into the room, absorbing the soothing atmosphere. He passed a small mirror behind the dining room table and stopped. He cautiously approached the reflection and squinted at it. He had uncut black hair draping over his shoulders and brown eyes, just like the thief. He touched the glass but it didn't bounce back like it did in Mother's room. He didn't understand. What was happening? Did he really become the man he saw in the mirror?

"Hey, Nate, you left the door open!" someone said. Mother? …No, it was a male voice. Nathan watched someone march to the door and stare outside before slamming it shut. There were bits of snow scattered around it. "What's all that stuff outside? ...Don't tell me you...! The folks're gonna have your hide when they wake up!"

"Who are you?" asked Nathan.

"Very funny. You're lucky I'm the one who caught you," said the boy as he took his jacket off the coat rack and slipped it on. "Now come on, let's get this stuff back before you get in trouble."

"I cannot get in trouble. Mother would not like that."

"...Well, duh. Let's get going!"


Mother was monitoring Nathan's actions. His cooperation both surprised and baffled his presumed younger brother; however, he didn't share any of former Nate's memories. If only her experiments didn't imitate people's appearances alone, things would run a lot more smoothly…

It looks like I have some more kinks to work out… said Mother.

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