By SphinxBarkal
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The sunlight on the pond is a beautiful thing.
The sunlight makes the water sparkle,
Just like your eyes when I'm in your sight.
I cannot tell which one attracts me more.
For as we stay by the end of the water,
Your warmth is felt, just like the sun's rays.
The sunlight on the pond is a beautiful thing.
For artists do many portraits of it,
Inspired by the magnifigance.
Artists should do your portrait as well,
So that I may forever keep your picture with me.
Will they bring out the perfection that I see?
The sunlight on the pond is a beautiful thing.
Thank you gods that I enjoy this moment with you.

Sunlight on the Pond.
The colors of the sky run together,
As the person runs through it, away from their fears.
For after the footsteps are gone, the sunlight on the pond,
It will fall back into place, pretending to never be disturbed.
But shall the person's fears be that same way?
Will they recover, and be "undisturbed" as the pond was.
Or will they stay forever clouded,
As the sunlight of the pond will be,
One fine, gloomy day all hope fails.

Chapter End Notes:

okay, this one was written on 4/3/06 for my creative writing class in high school. i was supposed to have two different poems with the same title as "Sunlight on the Pond" i ended up getting an A. tell me what you think, if i deserved that A

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