By Aurelia Destiny
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Although I ended up using this as in Labyrinth Fanfic, with Jareth singing to Sarah, I was thinking about vampires when I originally wrote it years before.  About a man who had lived for a very long time, who spotted a mortal girl he eventually fell in love with.  But he realized that she was of the light and would probably never accept his darkness, though he desperately wants to show her how inviting it can be.  It thought it was pretty sad, acutally.

He goes there, to where she is,
The club just down the street,
He's drawn there every evening,
As soon as the sun sets.

He's hidden in the shadows,
Keeping her in sight,
He knows he shouldn't be there,
But he goes there every night.

He watches her, from across the room,
But her eyes see right through him,
It's like she's bathed in sunlight,
As distant as the moon.

He wants her to touch his world,
If only for one day,
One chance, one kiss, one instant,
A promise for her to stay.

And, she doesn't know the night,
She's living in the light,
He longs to show her how,
The darkness can invite.

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