By Karly666-chan
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Story Notes:

This is the first time I post something. And, also, is the very first time I post one of my own poems. Hope you like it!

I can’t tell you how I feel.

My feelings, I keep it in the bottom of my heart.

Out of everyone’s gaze. 

I don’t want that anyone see them.

Now, I lost any kind of feeling.

They are dead to me.

I need to tell you that, if someday I love you,

Now, that emotion is totally dead:

You kill it!

You, with your coldness, arrogance, selfishness,

With that cruel and fake smile, with your stupid laugh.

I hate that, but still, you drive me mad,

Insane, I never before feel anger in my body, but,

Thanks to you, that’s all I feel in this moment.

The moment that I write my frustration in this sheet;

The instant that I leave all to flow out,

To forget anything, that’s why I have to write this.

My soul is so confuse, I can’t handle it anymore.

Now, I see something that made me forget all.

In this part, I remember him:

My new love, my new reason to live, my reason to change.

To change my entire life, is a new me.

Now, I know where I belong.

I say good bye to you:

My former love.

The chaos maker.

The heart breaker.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope is not that bad. Is a very short poem I write in 2005. I dedicate it to someone who give me the back in the first chance and in the earliest opportunity.

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