By Aurelia Destiny
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I can't remember what I was thinking about when I wrote this, but I was quite young at the time.  Maybe an ancient Goddess or a vampire Queen perhaps.  Everything she touches dies and she's complete darkness inside.

Can you touch the Moon,
Can you feel the cold,
Of an ancient Goddess,
And her worshipers of old.

Can you feel the beat,
Of her living flesh,
And her children of night,
With their deadly caress.

As we live in her shadow,
And her restless moonlight,
I'm a faithful follower,
Of her deadly delight.

I am a taker of life,
The creature within,
A destroyer of souls,
A lover of sin.

You've spread tales of us for a million years,
And the night they say has a thousand eyes,
So beware of the moon in the dark of the night,
She's know as the goddess of lies...

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