By inugirl504
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Flying high, across the sky

The sacred shards we will find

Our emotions are as one

They can never be undone

The plot to find the source 

that caused it all

There's no escape from all the schemes

We'll continue to chase our dreams

We won't give in to all his lies

and tricks he planned

And here we stand

Open up your eyes, before we fall

into the lies!

And stay close to my heart,

so we will never be apart!

We surround ourselves

'fore we get caught up in a spell

So we can find them and proceed our path

Stay close to me as you begin to hold to the key

In this disappearing world,

we'll find the root to all the shards

So wait to find what's left behind

And when the day comes up,

we will be free if we believe

We will be free from destiny

And as the days go on,

we're gonna fly

in the skies that we love

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